How Our Business Is Better for the Environment

Here at Wraps Fashions we are committed to being environmentally friendly. That’s why we only use recycled paper and recyclable packaging.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our shop walls. 

And it’s also why we’ve made some changes to our business practices.

In addition to using recycled paper and paper bags, we’ve made other changes to reduce our environmental impact. For example, we have promoted the use of reusable shopping bags by introducing our own shopper tote bag to the Wraps community. This reusable bag can be used for grocery shopping, taking the kids out for a day or even enjoying a lovely lunch with your friends. The versatile tote bag has been used everywhere this summer.

It doesn't stop there!!

As seen on our Instagram and Facebook pages, the tote bag has been spotted all round Europe as well, assisting the lovely customers of Wraps on their holidays. From your beach bag to your day-to-day bag, it can be used for everything. 

Still not got yours? Pop in-store & grab yours today for £3.99!!

Join the team at Wraps Fashions in creating a greener footprint and include us by sharing your journey with our tote bag via E-mail: or tag us on Instagram and Facebook: @wrapsfashions 

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